Why BEARS Coaching?

Healthy and satisfied employees are our greatest asset in the company. But time and again they prevent personal issues from being present in the company. These can be physical or psychological complaints as well as communication problems in private or professional relationships. Business success depends to a large extent on the commitment, health and presence of our employees. In coaching we impart new knowledge and methods that can support people in working on their personal topics in order to be more present in the company and in the family.

The coaching always starts with a free initial discussion on 03928 9069060. Here the coachee (customer) can tell where their shoes are. Together we will then find the right coach.

What is coaching?

Coaching is professional advice, accompaniment and support for people who have a certain topic that they cannot deal with on their own. Our coaches are doctors, psychologists, psychological consultants, alternative practitioners, systemic consultants, nurses, managers. They advise on relationship and health issues as well as psychological issues or issues relating to jobs and careers.

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Don't fear the wave. Ride it.

Our Mission

In every person's life there are situations where he believes the wave crashes above him. To take this fear from him and to empower him to ride this wave is our job. For this we offer professional job coaching, psychological coaching, relationship coaching and health coaching as telephone coaching or online coaching.

Psychological Coaching

Objectives of this coaching:

Reduce anxiety and panic attacks,
Identifying and dissolving burnout,
Changin subconscious believes into positve thinking,
Uncover subconscious family patterns,
Strengthen the ability to maintain relationships,
Strengthening self-confidence and selfworth,
Allow and overcome grief


Objectives of this Coaching:

Creating meaningful applications (résumé, application letter),
Profiling │ analysis of competencies │ analysis of potentials,
Preparing a job interview,
Training in communication and analysis of nonverbal communication (body language, tonation),
Career Coaching, Founder's Coaching, Sales Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Objectives of this coaching:

Explaining dynamics in relations,
discovering systematic laws and making them visible in systematic coaching,
Finding subconscious substitutes in your family system,
Exchange deconstrutive with constructive beliefs,
Replacing pain of parting/seperation anxiety with positive visions for the future,
Uniting couples and business partners through vision, meditation and communication

Health Coaching

Objectives of this coaching:

Consultation about beneficial measures regarding health
Support with paper work regarding government institutions
Extensive and hollistic anamnesis
Homeopathic consultation
Diabetes consultation
Guidance with dietary choices

Our belief:

Every one has the power and wisdom to create his life. You do too. You're the expert for living your life your way.

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