Anke Schuppan


My professional path

My work is geared towards being happy in life. This includes successful communication that helps us understand and be understood, and learning the ability to be emotionally free. By being able to develop our natural competence, we will master our life.
My field of work includes relationship psychology - the ability to be happy in relationships, life counseling as an aid in everyday life and body wisdom (understanding spiritual, emotional, mental, physical messages).
Our natural state includes success, joy, contentment, compassion, and innocence. My work begins when this state is blocked, disturbed, interrupted or lost. 😉

My life

It sometimes seems to me as if I have already lived several lives in my life:
• my childhood and youth in the GDR, a country with its values ​​and special features
• my teaching and work as a nurse
• the turning point, when my hobby turned into a job and I lived as a ranch manager and rider in Canada and America
• my return to Germany and the discovery of applied psychology
• my self-employment as a psychology trainer in an international organization including seminar management, organization & promotion of workshops and translations
• my independence as a relationship psychologist on the coaching level with consultations, seminars, groups, webinars, competence training, course leader leadership, supervision, mentoring and lectures