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Job, career and start-up coaching

Finding new career opportunities. Leaving old behind.

What can i do and what do I want to do?Should I stay or should I go my own way? Do I need to acquire new skills? Is self-employment an option? Is my job application okay? These are some of the questions we will be looking answers for with job coaching. It doesn't matter if you want to create meaningful job applications, know which potential you might have or create a business plan - we are here for you!

Psychological Coaching

There is a better way.

There are times in life where everything is in imminent danger to collaps. We feel depressed, are scared. Other times our relationship is going down the drain, others are giving in to drugs or give up. Powerlessness is spreading. At least 14 million people in Germany feel like this. You are not alone with your worries. The good news is: There is always a way to get out of it! There is a better way.

Free first consultation

Free first consultation

Relationship coaching

A tidy house. A tidy mind.

All of our life we are in relationships with people in our surrounding weather we like it or not. We argue, power play, live in harmony, laugh with each other. Basically everything would be super simple if not our thinker and criticizer would tell us: "That's not the right partner. You will never be happy with this woman. My child should be different. I can't work with this collegue. I'm not good enough."

Health coaching

Health is the base of everything.

Deseases emerge when vitality is disruppted and the organism is in danger of regenerating itself. Many people nowadays are chronically ill. The intake of medication is tends to increase. Waiting for appointments at medical specialists takes months. This is why taking some precautions is one of the fundamental things one can to to stay healthy. What these precautions might look like is among other things part of our health coaching.

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Ernst Ferstl (1955)

Just the mindset alone
to worry less in life
can bring happiness
to you.

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