Gabriele Brandes


My professional path

My professional path started with a technical apprenticeship as an electrical machine builder with a high school diploma. This was followed by a pedagogical course that I finished in December 1989. I worked for health insurance companies for over 22 years, mainly in hospital billing and care management. During this time, I went through many stations, from administrative processing to the management of a hospital department, as well as completing my degree in business administration for health insurance management, and also developed concepts for chronic diseases and implemented them as part of projects. The experiences that I was able to make here moved me to focus on health and start my professional career as a self-employed nutrition and health consultant with passion. The third pillar of my activity is fasting. This rounds off my entire field of activity. For me, this does not mean having a job, but - I have found my calling.

My inner attitude

Everyone should run their bodies like a successful, healthy company. What does it take: a healthy diet, regular exercise, a clear head and from time to time a break or maintenance (cleaning) of body and mind.
That is why I work with full confidence in our body, which has been given by nature. It is up to each of us that we are fine. And everyone is responsible for this. Help is welcome. Everyone is allowed to be who he / she is, without any evaluation or evaluation. In my opinion, it is important to have confidence in yourself. Then everything can succeed.