Steffi Heinemann


My professional path

I originally learned in agriculture and later also studied. However, I only worked as an agricultural engineer for a short time. After further training as an industrial clerk, I took on all purchasing in a company in Hamburg. After my children had fledged, I managed a car dealership group with 5 makes for more than 13 years. So I know what it means to run a company and employees. I've reviewed applications, held interviews and hired new employees.

From the perspective of the entrepreneur, I am doing the job coaching today. After reading countless books on psychology and interpersonal relationships, I completed some psychological training and attended seminars. I have been working as an independent management consultant and individual coach for almost 10 years. 35 years of professional experience and 25 years of self-reflection give me the strength and knowledge to support other people in finding their way easier.

My inner attitude

If we know where we want to go, then we also know which skills we need to train, which luggage and provisions we need to pack and what our psychological resilience needs to be. That's why I work goal-oriented, or better still, vision-oriented. The vision is an affair of the heart that needs to be filled with life. It gives you courage to go on, strength to stand up again when we have fallen and shows new opportunities. The better we succeed in freeing ourselves from dependencies, remaining true to ourselves and following our inner voice as well as our vision / mission, the easier our life becomes.