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How do we find the right coach for you?

1. If you click on the pictures, you can find out more about the coaches. So you can inform yourself in advance
2. Call for a free initial consultation and tell us where your shoe pinches. Together we will look for the right coach for you.
3. If you already know us, just book one of our offers. Then your coach will contact you to arrange the appointment.

What does coaching cost?

The first conversation lasting 30 minutes is free of charge. Then you book a coaching lesson on your topic (60 minutes). You can then book additional coaching lessons at any time. Each coching hour costs € 60. Coaching with a voucher from the job center or employment office is also possible. (AVGS)

The choice is yours

We are your coaches

We are experienced coaches who have been in individual coaching for more than 10 years. Our team consists of doctors, psychologists, psychological consultants, alternative practitioners, systemic coaches, nurses and executives. See for yourself and simply book a free initial consultation.

Free first consultation

Job &
Relationship Coach

Steffi Heinemann


Coaching topics:
Effective communication,
Vision development,
Mediation with entrepreneurial couples and partners,
Systemic reflection

Job &
Relationship Coach

Andreas Martin

Kommunikationstrainer, System. Berater

Coaching specialization:
Job hunting
Job interviews
"MPU" counselling
Child and teen counselling
Systemic Coaching

Psychological &
Relationship Coach

Nizar Thabti

Psychologischer Berater

Coaching specializations:
Interpersonal relations & dynamics
Panic attacks

Relationship &
Psychological Coach

Anke Schuppan


Coaching specializations:
Transformative communication,
Levels of relationship,
Handling crises,
Coping with change,
Changing dogmas,
Resolving conflicts

Health &
Psychological Coach

Joachim Adrian


Coaching specializations:
Medical anamnesis,
Consulting in medical and psychological illnesses,
Treatment and Therapy recommendations,
Nutrition counselling,
Assessment of work limitations and re-entry into work life

Health &
Systemic Coach

Gabi Dorn


Coaching specializations:
Counselling diabetes mellitus
Traditional/genuine homeopathy including anamnesis and counselling for homeopathic remedies
Systemic coaching

Health Coach &

Gabriele Brandes


Beratung zu Antragstellungen bei Krankenkassen
Fasten im Alltag nach Dr. Buchinger/Lützner (Basenfasten, Intervallfasten, Fasten in Unternehmen)
The truth is

Only I can change my life. No one else can do it for me.

Free first consultation